Calathea Crocata with Yellow Flowers 140#

Calathea Crocata loves heat and humidity, but dislikes direct sunlight. Keeping it in your garden in temperate regions is not a good idea and it will require less work if kept indoors.The plant is also known for letting their owners know when to go to bed – its leaves close up in the evening. Even without its flowers Calathea Crocata looks spectacular.

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Calathea Crocata with Yellow Flowers 140#



Common Name Calathea Crocata
Botanical Name Calathea crocata Mort. et JoriS
Styles Calathea
Place of origin Guangdong, China
Brand Elves Garden
Pot Size 90#, 110#, 120#, 140#, 170#
Height 30-50 CM
Shipment By express, by air, by sea
Certificate Phytosanitary certificate

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