Hot selling Hoya kerrii “Marginata” 120#

Hoya kerrii have very thick, waxy leaves. Another name for the Hoya genus is the Wax plant, so most Hoya have pretty succulent leaves, but Hoya kerrii has REALLY thick leaves. Basically, it probs can take full sun (since its leaves are designed to retain water, suggesting it grows in an arid environment), but also it pretty hardy and can do with a bit of lower light.

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Hoya kerrii “Marginata”

Common Name Hoya kerrii “Marginata”
Botanical Name Hoya kerrii “Marginata”
Styles Hoya
Place of origin Guangdong, China
Brand Elves Garden
Pot Size 90#, 110#, 120#, 140#, 170#
Height 20-40 CM
Shipment By express, by air, by sea
Certificate Phytosanitary certificate

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