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Elves Garden is one of China’s leading wholesale live plants manufacturers and suppliers. We strive to deliver your plants on time with Phytosanitary certificates, and with an exceptional level of quality. No middleman!

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About Us

We offer professional services from research and development, selection of seedlings, growing them, package and shipment.

Tissue culture room

Our Tissue culture room design consider proper air and temperature control, to prevent contamination of cultures.

Tray Seedling Planting

At this stage, we select quality seedlings from tissue culture for tray planting to ensure high quality planting of seedlings.


Greenhouses have greater control over the growing conditions. This control can result in bigger harvests and higher quality yields.

Package & Shipment

All products are shipped via courier services and the estimated delivery time will depend on the destination address.

Indoor Plants

Aglaonema, calathea, philodendron,  alocasia, monstera, kalanchoe, spathiphyllum etc.

Outdoor Plants

Beaucarnea recurvata, palm, cycas, areca, croton, dracaena, ficus, rhapis etc.

Fruit Plants

Citrus, lemon, blueberry, tomato, mango, fig Sapodilla, strawberry, passion fruit etc.


Various varieties of cactus and succulents etc.


Phalaenopsis, cattleya, oncidium etc.


Tray seedling & tissue culture etc.

Our Certificates

We can provide the relevant certificates according to your country’s import requirements

Phytosanitary certificate
Phytosanitary certificate
Cites Certificate

Why Choose Us

Our strengths are as follows

Manufacturer, Good Quanlity

Self-owned base, a wide range of varieties with high quality.

Larger Capacity, Better Price

Annual production up to 50,0000 plants & lower wholesale price.

Certified Products, Safety Guaranteed

Provide Phytosanitary certificates, strictly inspection.

Professional Logistics, Fast Delivery

Ship by air, truck and sea, Customised logistics for fast delivery.

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